About Us


US Mailing Address
Steven and Alice Williams
3025 E Spangle-Waverly Rd
Spangle, WA 99031

Guyana Mailing Address
Steven and Alice Williams
c/o Guyana Adventist Ministries and Services
PO Box 101570
Georgetown, Guyana
South America

Williams Family - Guyana
Gospel Ministry International
PO Box 506
Collegedale, Tennessee 37315

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Phone Numbers
Steven | (509) 252-0564
Alice | (509) 730-5689 GAMAS Flight Base | +592-227-2184 James Ash, Chief Pilot | +592-603-5141

Ham Radio Callsigns
Steven | KF7EPD

GAMAS HF Frequency
5.895kHz LSB


Prayer for:


* Farm manager

School Equipment

Ongoing Expenses

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