Camp Meeting


We have a booth at Idaho Camp Meeting and Upper Columbia Camp Meeting this week. Come by and visit us!

Williams coming home!


Dear friends and family, We will be returning to the States on May 12 to visit and do some recruiting. This has been a very eventful and busy year, and we would love to tell you all about it! Since we have had no internet it has been very difficult to get updates sent. We are working on this problem, of course, but internet is expensive and most satellite companies want us to buy new equipment before they will sell us service.

Update on Urgent call to prayer


Good morning, prayer warriors. I am so grateful for the continued prayers of each of you, who love the Lord and His people and use your intercession on their behalf. I wrote this message last week and thought I had sent it, but in the busyness of getting James and Christine cared for I apparently forgot to actually send it. The following is what was written the afternoon of last Tuesday.

Urgent call for prayer


Good morning, friends, One of our missionary families is in urgent need of prayer. James and Christine Edwin have been in Paruima for a few months, and last week their son, Kaden, got sick with vomiting at night. Joy and I heard about it on Sunday and because it had been going on for six days recommended that he get out to Kamarang for evaluation (Kamarang is the nearest hospital to Paruima, about thirty miles downriver, six+ hours by boat.

Update 2


Thank you all for your many and continued prayers. James and Christine have been able to board a flight in Kamarang and are on their way–Joy has just driven to go get them at Ogle airport. Pray they will arrive safely and be able to find good accommodations (we are crowded here at flight base, not even floor space for a fourth family.) Also, please pray that they will be able to find good medical care here.



UPDATE Kaden has been evaluated by a doctor and is under treatment. He has an IV running and has had medication to stop the vomiting. Christine and the baby, Anneliese, are also sick, so please add them to your prayers. We are working on getting them all out. Because they are in Kamarang there should be a flight available by noon, so as long as Kaden stays stable they should be able to get out.

April - June Update


Dear Friends and Family, This school year is finally winding down. Finals are over; the campus is cleaned up and the kids have celebrated the end of school. We still have to compile grades, but the big work is done and we are grateful for the chance to rest a little. The Lord has brought us through another term and we are so thankful for His care and help. Now we are ready to move on to our next adventure–summer break at home!

January - March Update


Dear Friends and Family, What a busy two months these have been! When we wrote last, it was to ask for your prayers because of the upheaval in the school. We want to thank each of you who have been praying for us and the school through this difficult time. Just to review what happened, on February 2 the administrative family of our school was asked to leave because of misconduct.

June Update


Dear friends and family, We wish each one of you a happy Sabbath! May the peace of God rest on your home as you rest on this holy day. We meant to send this out even a month ago, but things keep coming up to keep us from having time to write and proofread. We are sorry for keeping you in the dark for so long. Since we last wrote, of course many things have happened.

March Update


Dear friends and family, Happy Sabbath! We have been running all week, and the Sabbath rest is so welcome. The Caribbean Union has had a “reaping campaign”, a one-week evangelistic series, this week, and we have been walking in every night for the meetings. We were asked to give some talks on health, so for three of the nights we spoke for 15-20 minutes at the beginning of the service, on the need for water (2 nights) and the need for rest (1 night).