Urgent call for prayer


Good morning, friends,

One of our missionary families is in urgent need of prayer. James and Christine Edwin have been in Paruima for a few months, and last week their son, Kaden, got sick with vomiting at night. Joy and I heard about it on Sunday and because it had been going on for six days recommended that he get out to Kamarang for evaluation (Kamarang is the nearest hospital to Paruima, about thirty miles downriver, six+ hours by boat.) They arrived last night at five.

Christine called the flight base early this morning because Kaden is vomiting blood. The doctor is with them now, but there is no plane on the runway. We have called a pilot friend here who promised to get someone out there ASAP (our pilot is in the US getting our new plane ready to fly–it should be here within a few days, Lord willing, please pray that this newest storm will not prevent their flying over the Caribbean.)

Please pray for the doctors to have wisdom, for the child to stabilize, for a flight to get there in time, and most of all for the Lord to bring healing to Kaden and peace to his family.

Please pray with us! In His service, Alice Williams

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